Miles Gerety Criminal Defense Attorney

Miles Gerety, Criminal Defense Attorney

Miles Gerety has practiced criminal law for over 25 years. He’s tried and won murder cases, attempted murder and assault cases, sexual assault cases, robberies, and drug cases. His career win-loss record is among the best of Connecticut criminal defense attorneys.

Gerety spent most of his career as a public defender in Bridgeport’s high court where, in the 1990s, Gerety and five other lawyers tried more serious felony cases than any other public defender’s office in Connecticut. The experience of back-to-back trials in those years gave Gerety invaluable trial experience.

In 2009, Gerety became the head Public Defender for the Danbury Judicial District. In 2013, citing cutbacks that reduced his staff to a level where he felt adequate trial preparation would no longer be possible, Gerety decided to retire from the Public Defender Service and go into private practice as a criminal defense lawyer.

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